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Roulette Winning Strategy

     Do you like to gamble at casinos? Would you like to walk into a casino with a smile on your face, knowing that you'll leave with money? If you think roulette is all luck, then little do you know, and well then I have news for you!
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Roulette Magic!
     When Playing Roulette, because of law of large averages, the game is not all luck! There are poor betting strategies, and brilliant betting strategies. The reason Casino owners might say the game is all luck, and takes no skill, is because they want you to believe it is so that you don't search for "The Winning Strategy," or simply because they do not know simple logic, and can not factor estimation that well.

     If you were to count cards at a blackjack table, and bet accordingly. Would the game be all luck? Of course not. Counting cards is extremely difficult, and to not lose track. Woah! It really takes some focus,  concentration, and A LOT of practice. Let us say that you could count cards at a roulette table, and actually measure the odds to put the game in your favor. Well you can't do that but you can come close, with my strategies and techniques for betting at the roulette table. Im not talking about Strings of colors, or betting on red and black. Although I may briefly discuss this topic.

     Hi, my name is Darren, and I would like to tell you about my roulette betting strategies, and Casino experience. Roulette, and blackjack are my two favorite casino games. I prefer Roulette, because you can win money faster when betting right.

     One of the first few times I played roulette at a casino, I had put 20 dollars into the Roulette Table machine. I had bet on 14 using the minimum bet on the table. I played until 14 hit, and walked away with 15 extra bucks. I was happy, but I wanted to win More! So, Before driving home from the casino, I said to my friend "I want to do the same thing on the other machine, (these two roulette tables were computer machines) and make more money." So before we left I went back in and played on 14, on the other machine until it hit too. I went home with 30 extra bucks. I was happy. And felt amazed at how making a little money that fast, was indeed incredibly easy. We were in the casino Less than 30 Minutes!
If I could make a dollar a minute everyday I would be rich! Note: that this is on a table with double zeros.

:::After this experience I began studying roulette betting strategies:::

I began putting some of these strategies to the test, and they were good one's, but they just weren't good enough! I knew I could do better!

After some research, trial and error, and practice,
now, I have an incredible betting method!

I have betting methods for starting with little money,
I have betting methods for starting with a lot of money.

I have a method that combines both methods, and so on...
Work your way up from the strategy, Place a big bet from your earnings.

If you knew how to make a lot of money really fast off of roulette, would you tell anyone or keep it a secret? The betting methods I use to work my way up, are very incredible.
And let me just tell you, I may not be a mathematician. But, I am incredibly smart.
Now, I have probably sparked your interest.

By now you are probably wondering what is the strategy!?! Well, I could just tell you but it would be easier to show you... And I am sorry, but this information I am just not willing to give away for free.

You can play online, and I would reccomend playing on a foreign wheel with only one green zero. This gives you a better payout.
I would reccomend starting out with a lot of money, to earn larger quatities of money faster from betting.
I would reccomend Starting with at least 500-1,000 bucks.

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